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Electric actuators are more cost-effective than their hydraulic and pneumatic counterparts. Electric actuators benefit from cleaner, simpler, and more energy-efficient power transmission. Electric actuator integration is easier with programmable controls, and maintenance is minimized with no parts replacement or lubrication needed except in extreme conditions.
Industrial Linear Actuators are electric actuator products that operate in typical open loop applications powered by 12, 24, 36, 48 VDC or 115, 230, 400 VAC. A linear actuator is excellent for agricultural, construction, mining and industrial equipment to control seats, hoods, doors, covers, throttles and many other devices. Our linear actuators are ideal for medical, health and fitness, office and entertainment, and marine equipment.


Linear Actuators


Electric linear actuators have come a long way since their origin as basic, slow, medium load pushing-and-pulling devices more than a half century ago.  
Protection against the elements has greatly improved, integrated controls have added intelligence to their functionality, and life, reliability and performance have all steadily improved.  
With Electrak XD, electric linear actuators have taken an evolutionary leap as this model has ushered actuation technology into a realm once ruled by hydraulic systems.   


Electrak XD/HD/LL/MD








Making the change from hydraulic cylinders to electric actuators

Converting to electric Actuators