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DC Servomotors

Our brush DC Servomotors are Permanent-Magnet DC-Servomotors are designed to satisfy the demands of a broad range of industrial and professional applications, where highly precise speed and/or positioning performance are required.
The brush Permanent magnet Dc Servomotors can match most of the applications in terms of precision and speed. The high level of technological Know-How and the extreme accuracy of quality control make theses servomotors reliable.

Rated Torques from 0,22Nm – 30Nm. The DC Servomotors are available with and without Tachogenerator.
You need mechanical changes like other shaft, flange and other no problem. Our flexible Producer is able to do also for small Series shaft, flange and other mechanical changes.

We can deliver various options to meet your specific needs. Encoder, Gear-Boxes, connectors, Terminal-boxes, Holding Brakes…